Equipment Series: Intro

2nd lineAfter doing a little poll on IG, I noticed there is interest in what I wear and carry on the job.

Being the people pleaser that I am (I’m really not), I thought I could do a 3-part series about my “3 lines”.

Overview of the series:

  1. Line 1: Clothing and belt-rig.
  2. Line 2: Plate carrier and MAP.
  3. Line 3: Berghaus pack.

In these 3 articles, I will try to outline what I usually carry and why. Note that these items can of course change, depending on the mission, environment and tasks.

For me, equipment is a living being. It changes constantly because of own experiences, but also because of insight from colleagues.

1st line

Lately I am carrying a heavier 1st line and a more streamlined 2nd line, while 12 months ago it was the other way around. What I post here, will be what works for me now.

Most of these items (99%) are personal items that I have bought to better do my job as a JTAC. The equipment we get issued is not up to the task of holding all our radios, magazines and other items.

If you have any questions, remarks or advise, you can always leave a comment here or on my IG.

IG: @firemissionblog