Equipment Series: 1st Line

1st lineTo start the 3-part series, it’s only logical to start with my 1st Line!

All lines are used to complete certain tasks.


My first line is used to survive, escape & evade and fight. The “fight” part isn’t common for a 1st line but I have included it because I carry 2x 5.56 and 2x 5.7 magazines on my belt.


Where do I put the items to survive, escape & evade and fight?

All the survive and escape & evasion items are in my clothing. The reason for this is that my pants and smock/combat shirt will be the last things I will drop.

although I really want to control naked one day…

My “fight” items are on my belt.


Survival, escape & evade

Survival tin/ E&E Kit
Waterproof Container
Signal mirror
Razor blades x2
Sewing kit (strong needles, cord)
Snare wire/string
Fishing kit (hooks,wire,weights)
Small candle
Waterproof matches
Magnesium & ferro rods (fire lighting)
Survival blanket
Cotton patches
 Medication (anti-diarrea, headache, …)
Notebook and pencil
Camo Cream
Small Air Marker Panel
Boonie hat
1:250 000 Map of Belgium
Sawyer Water Filter
Magnets (to hold up maps, air pictures)
Extra Petzl headlight
Emergency Strobe Light


Belt (HSGI Suregrip)
5.7 Mag x2 (HSGI TACO)
FNH 5.7
Dump Pouch (WAS)
IFAK (HSGI) NAR Field Dressing
Chest Seal x2
Nitrile gloves
Permanent marker
Flat Duct Tape
Compressed Gauze x2
Leatherman (WAS pouch)
GP Pouch (Spiritus Systems)
Chem lights (x2 IR, x2 Vis)
Krill Light IR (Not shown)
PRC-152 Batt (Not shown)
Petzl Headlight
Spare Batt (AA, AAA, CR123) in container
Gloves (Mechanix)

The setup

Escape & evade




So that is my current first line. The dump pouch is a new addition to my belt and I will see if I like it. My first impression is good, so I’ll let you guys know.

If you guys have any questions, please let me know.

Update on FMB: I have some exiting news! After becoming a contributor to Spotter Up, an amazing community of writers from all backgrounds, I might start working together with a tactical gear company in their T&E program.

In due time I will keep you guys updated!



8 thoughts on “Equipment Series: 1st Line

  1. Sweet writeup FMB and ally setup. Enjoyed tuckin into this over my morning brew.

    I would just recommend leaving the Emergency Bandage outside the plastic wrap for quick access, if you havent done so already. Also consider attaching two oversize bit of tape to the wrapping to make finding the tear easier in the dark.

    Keep up the grreat work. medic SF (IG)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Ryan.
      Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Thank you for the input. We’ve always learned to keep it in to protect the ‘sterility’ of the bandage, but you make a good point.

      Will use the tape trick.



      • No dramas FMB and agreed on the sterility point.

        Having said that the Emergency Bandage comes in a tough outer wrapper and is well protected. Placing one inside your med pouch on top of everything else but outside of the plastic bag* (maybe together with a H&H) might be an idea..

        As for the tape, we used to apply it on everything, just saves so much fimbling about trying to find the tear. Especially useful when you get the same item from different manufactures who would place the pre set tear at the top rather than corner :/

        *(I cant tell for sure but by looking at the pics you keep your H&H and EB inside the large pastic bag inside the pouch)


      • All makes sense.

        I keep the complete kit in a plastic ziplock, to get it out of the pouch because it isn’t a tear away pouch. So all the supplies are protected (silly me).
        The H&H and EB on my 2nd line are loose in the pouch.


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