2017, The year with content!

2016 is over!

Last year I started my IG-page and blog Firemissionblog.


Planning to release at least one post every month and satisfy my readers, something different happened.

With the recent terror-attacks in Brussels, resulting in more protection of the major cities of Belgium, and the excisting work-load I had, my blog was limited to only a couple of blog posts.


I only made 2 posts, but this doesn’t mean I didn’t recieve support.

In 2016 I had 482 views from 322 visitors. Most of them from the UK and the US. These are rookie numbers!


On IG I gained 193 followers over the 43 posts I’ve made.

Hopefully the pictures I posted on IG made up for the lack of blog posts.

I would like to thank s23gearmonkey75, The Reptile House and JimmyPie for the support.

I wish everyone an amazing year filled with new gear and adventures.

I will do my very best to post more content and work out all the ideas I have!

Below you can find some pictures of upcoming posts!

Stay Tuned!

Stay safe.







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